Learn These 10 Cheeky Manners of Speaking Before You Go to London

They're very lively when they talk, mate.

Now that the return of Ladies of London has you wanderlusting for a visit to the United Kingdom, you'll need to brush up on some key slang before you go. You might want to be cheeky (irreverent), but you don't want to show your fanny — which, by the way, does not mean your behind, but the naughtier nether region.

Before you take in our glossary, you'll want to at least be familiar with the concept Cockney rhyming slang, which is something you may particularly notice if you watch a lot of television from your hotel room. The practically ancient East End convention of using words that rhyme with the word you actually mean to express is still something you'll hear here and there.

For instance, "plates of meat" means feet, and me old china plate means my mate (friend). It's not always easy for the non-local to decipher, but if you hear something that makes absolutely no sense on the surface, ask yourself if it rhymes with something that was part of the conversation.

People also seem to love to combine positive and negative words together. So if you're shopping and see something you like, you might call it "awfully gorgeous" or "painfully cute." Embrace the opposites!

Now that you know some stylistic devices, it's time to learn some actual slang:

1.  Have a go

The Ladies of London are often wondering whether someone is having a go at them, which is the same thing when The Real Housewives of Atlanta say someone is coming for them. Neither are nice.

2.  Taking the piss

When someone's having a go at you, they're probably also taking the piss, which sounds harsh to Americans but is just a popular way to say that they're making fun of you.

3.  Yummy mummies

A much more polite way of calling someone a MILF. 

4.  Knackered

For those times when simply saying, "I'm tired" will not express the depths of your exhaustion.

5.  Shattered

For those times when knackered doesn't even define how practically dead you are right now.

6.  Chuffed

When you're really pleased, you're chuffed. According to Merriam-Webster, it's been used since the late '50s.

7.  Wasteman

A wasteman is a loser, baby. You don't want no scrubs!

8.  CBA

The Independent reveals that a popular acronym CBA is short for can't be arsed, which means you just can't even. And if you really can't even, you can just say ceebs.

9.  Pants

Pants means more than trousers in the U.K. — it's also used as an abbreviation for underpants and to express when something is completely lame.

10.  Cheers

Cheers for reading this — or thank you, in other words!

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