2 Obnoxious Things You Should *Never* Ask a Londoner

No, they don't have tea with the queen. 

When preparing for a big trip abroad there are standard measures to be taken. Passport? Check. Luggage? Check. Literally every pair of shoes you own, because what if you need those strappy sandals in February in England? Check. But there's something else you might not realize is a necessity: proper knowledge of what not to say to the locals.

Nothing can ruin a meet cute like offending the person you're cutely meeting. Luckily for you, we have some Brits on call to tell you exactly what not to say when visiting jolly old London. Rest assured that you can keep calm and carry on by avoiding these two subjects below:

1.  Why is the weather is so bad here?/Is it raining?!

As Adela King explains, "It's not like rocket science is it? The weather is sh** here." And that about sums up why you shouldn't complain to a Brit that it's raining... again. They know. This is a country of macs and wellies for the Queen's sake! Now put yours on along with that stiff upper lip and enjoy the land of Shakespeare and David Beckham.

2.  Do you know the royal family?

While Putney girl Sophie Stanbury actually does know Prince Harry, no, not all Londoners know someone royal. And actually, our Ladies of London gals say that Americans make a much bigger deal about the Royal Family than Brits do. Though, they admit the Royal Family is constantly celebrated. From weddings to coronations to births to birthdays, the royals are very much a part of British life. Just ask Sophie Stanbury, who celebrated the Queen's recent birthday like this:

Ladies of London
Sophie Stanbury Dances on the Bar
How else do you celebrate the Queen’s birthday?

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