Caroline on the Fascinator Faux Pas

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Caroline and Caprice's "Stupid" Argument

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Caroline on the Fascinator Faux Pas

Caroline Stanbury dishes on British high society and her first impression of the other ladies. What are the biggest differences between American and British high society?
Caroline Stanbury: In America I think that if you become rich, you ARE society. Money and fame opens the door to society in the States. In England it's about the family name and breeding. Most of the old aristocratic families don't have money anymore. What was it like growing up in British high society?
Caroline: It is privileged and a lot is expected of you. There are a lot of rules and you have to conform. For example, I went to boarding school and hated every minute of it, but that was something you did if you were growing up in British society. You are expected to follow the behavior of the generations before you. What's the most luxurious item you've every purchased?
Caroline: My black-on-black crocodile Hermes Birkin What did you think of Caprice saying that you are nice to people’s faces but annihilate them once they walk away? Is it true?
Caroline: It is totally out of character for me, and most of my friends have been around me for 20-something years. I am fiercely loyal, and friends will say that if I ever say something, it is often off the back of being poked. I am simply not a walkover. You say that you sometimes say things you shouldn’t – was there a time that you got into some trouble speaking your mind?
Caroline: All the time. Because I speak before I think sometimes, and because in my everyday life I'm so busy, I don't have time to wrap things up in cotton wool. I can say things I think are truthful, but they come out as hurtful and I haven't meant it in that way at all. I'm still learning. What do you think about Noelle’s current situation with her fiancé? Do you think her personal life will affect her career ambitions?
Caroline: I think it's very hard to move on with your own life when you're stuck in the past of your partner's and you're living his life for that time. So it's hard to focus on you and moving forward, and being free in your own mind and growing a business. It is a hindrance right now, but hopefully she will be able to turn it around. When did you first meet Caprice?
Caroline: I was probably about 21 and she was dating one of my best friends. What were your first impressions of the American girls, Marissa, Juliet, and Noelle? Were you surprised by their behavior at the Polo match?
Caroline: My first impressions were that there was like a gang of them in party frocks with big hats and they were so excited about the polo. And for an English person who's been brought up with polo, it is hard to get excited about another match. But at the same time it was cute. They were very eager to make friends. How much of a faux pas was Noelle’s fascinator?
Caroline: For me a total faux pas. Having said that, although she was completely overdressed, Noelle is a beautiful girl. You could put her on the pages of a fashion magazine, but it was totally unsuitable for the setting that we were in that day. You say that you liked the Americans, particularly Juliet, when you walked away from polo – what about them piqued your interest?
Caroline: They were falling over themselves to please me. It's hard not to, they were running around trying to get me tea and coffee and blowing smoke up my ass. What's not to like?!

Caroline and Caprice's "Stupid" Argument

Annabelle explains why she felt Caroline and Caprice should move past the baby shower drama. Did you put Caroline's gift to good use?
Annabelle Neilson: Of course I loved it! I had to get a few more DVDs, because I'm a bit more of an action or sci-fi flick kind of girl (like the box set of Games of Thrones, my favorite fantasy TV show). What inspired you to try and mediate between Caroline and Caprice?
Annabelle: I wasn't inspired, but after what had happened to me, I just realized how ridiculous it was. I'm sitting there lying in a bed and I'm listening to two grown women talking to me about a baby shower while I've broken my pelvis and back -- it's pretty stupid. What was the most difficult part of your recovery?
Annabelle: The pain and the spasms, as well as realizing how serious it was. I just thought I'd get fixed up and be on my feet, I really didn't understand what I'd done. Being alone that summer, I had no one really with me most of the time, except a nurse. Then trying to walk, everything was hard. There wasn't one thing I could do well anymore, except write. Do you think Juliet and Noelle were in need of an etiquette lesson?
Annabelle: It was funny, but also kind of stupid! What did anyone actually learn, how not to eat soup? No one cares. Did you think it was awkward for Noelle and Marissa to throw Caprice's shower?
Annabelle: A little, but I liked what Marissa had to say -- she made a choice for herself to do something nice for someone else. Have you been to one of Caroline's dinners before? Does she always go so over the top?
Annabelle: No, I've never been to one of Caroline's dinners at her house, only in town. Was it a faux pas for Noelle to drink her hostess gift in the car?
Annabelle: Of course, but to say it, now that's really stupid. It's not funny or clever. Why tell someone you've brought them a present and drunk it? Just don't tell them, because basically you haven't brought them anything.

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