Annabelle: I Regret Having Caroline Stanbury Near Me

Annabelle Neilson shares her biggest regret and what she's working on now. What have you been up to since the end of the Season – anything with the Me Me Mes?
Annabelle Neilson: A lot obviously -- writing more Me Me Mes and working on two film projects, exhibition, and my book. As well as modeling and looking for a new illustrator for a new, slightly older series of children’s books. What did you learn this season?
AN: I guess unfortunately to watch my back. But I did enjoy getting to know the American girls much better. Marissa was amazing helping me with the Me Me Mes! I learned that people are just not as strong as me, and I have to accept that people lie, which I hate. I don't like losing friends, but that has been a decision taken out of my hands. I did write to Jules, but she has decided to ignore me, and that does not say a lot about her. But I wish her all the luck and success in the world.

Ladies of London
Are Annabelle and Julie Still BFFs?
After a tumultuous time in Denmark have Annabelle Neilson and Julie Montagu been able to kiss and make up? Do you regret anything from this season?
AN: I regret that after having been asked by an old friend to look after his wife, that I then did not get the same treatment back... Jules showed her true colors and they are very grey. Caroline Stanbury…I actually regret ever even having that woman anywhere near me, and the way she treated others and her employees really says it all.

Ladies of London
Caroline Gives Annabelle a Friendship Ultimatum
When Caroline Stanbury explains that Annabelle Neilson may lose all her friendships, will she finally let the Ladies in? What was your favorite part of this year of Ladies of London?
AN: The Me Me Mes children’s party -- seeeing my granny, all my family, and the friends who bothered to show up (quite a lot of the cast were absent, going on holiday when their business was falling apart). All the work Marissa and I did together; she is amazing. Giving Angry Me's bike to Juliette’s little boy. Walking for Fashion for Relief and my chat with Naomi.

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