Caroline Fleming: Lateness Is Unacceptable

Caroline Fleming dishes on the Ladies' tardiness, and opens up about her past tragedy. How excited were you to show the ladies your home? What do you think of the Ladies’ behavior at the dinner table the first evening, and their lateness to breakfast in the morning?
Caroline Fleming: I was super excited to take the ladies to my home. My parents were extremely strict and wanted us to have good manners always -- good upbringing was paramount to them -- so it is deeply ingrained in me. Thus coming late when invited for a specific time is not acceptable where I come from, particularly because there is a good man preparing delicious food for us and that is disrespectful of his hard work.

Ladies of London
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After their dinner at Valdemars Castle, the Ladies get down in Denmark! This was quite the emotional episode for you. Tell us about visiting your mother and leaning on Caroline for support.
CF: Losing a loved one is a terribly tragedy for anyone to experience. It was a very big step for me to go there with Caroline as it's painful and deeply personal, but again, I share this with the wish that others can feel hope that there can be a good, happy life in time... What do you think of your reconnection with Marissa and her toast?
CF: I am really happy that Marissa and I have found a lovely place to be in friendship. This whole weekend was such a beautiful symbol of what love, respect, and friendship really means, and how love can heal even the toughest of wounds.

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