Five Times 'Ladies of London' Perfectly Captured Your Hangover

Our Ladies sure know how to party - and their hangovers show it. See our GIF-cap of the morning after New Year's Eve. 

New Year's Day is basically a global holiday celebrating hangovers - and, boy, did our Ladies of London gals do it justice. After a night of headstands, three-way kissing, and unicorn incidents (see above), the Ladies awoke feeling, well, not so well. Check out their best morning after moments that define a royal hangover. 

1.  That moment when you wake up.

2.  You're finding things in places they have no business being.

It's always glitter. 

3.  And you realize you're still in last night's clothes.

4.  You decide to get up and realize, yes, it does get worse.

5.  And then your friend reminds you of the six letter word that makes it all better.

I think we all feel a little better. Now where are those eggs? 

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