Marissa: I Really Adore These Girls

Marissa Hermer shares the latest on Top Dog and teases some upcoming announcements. What have you been up to since the end of the season? How is Top Dog?
Marissa Hermer: Since the end of the season I’ve been really focused on Top Dog. The season ended with Top Dog opening, but since then we are focused on perfecting our product offering and expanding our menu, building our customer base, and we are looking at a couple new sites to open next year. On the home front, our baby is no longer a baby(!), so now we have two boys who are only run in opposite directions. All pretty nonstop, but good! And we have a few exciting announcements that we'll be able to make soon. What was your favorite part of this year of Ladies of London?
MH: I loved getting to know these women better, I really adore these girls -- we had a great time together.

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