Sophie Stanbury: You Must Enjoy Every Minute of Life

Sophie Stanbury fills us in on her interior decorating business and what she's learned being on the show. What have you been up to since the end of the season?
Sophie Stanbury: I have been super busy with interior decorating projects since the season ended; I am juggling three projects at the moment, which is challenging when trying to manage two small children and run a house. We have moved into a slightly bigger house with a gorgeous garden and now live in a lovely, leafy part of town with lots more space. And of course our wonderful family vacation with all the cousins, which was so much fun! What did you learn this season?
SS: I learned that you must enjoy every minute of life, and when wonderful experiences come your way to make sure you savor every moment. It’s been quite some time (actually before I got married or had children) since I took any time away from my family, and it was such an indulgence and treat to enjoy my old self again with none of the normal everyday duties that one normally has to carry out (and in the company of so many fun characters)! So much fun! Oh, and drink more water! Do you regret anything from this season?
SS: No regrets! What was your favorite part of this year of Ladies of London?
SS: My favorite part of this year’s Ladies of London has to be our trip to Denmark!

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