Yes, Sophie Stanbury Really Does Know Prince Harry

The #LadiesOfLondon mom dishes on what the English royal is really like.

That moment when Sophie Stanbury called her ex-husband to get the phone number of another guy wasn't the only shocking part of Tuesday night's all-new episode of Ladies of London (clip above). Our jaws also dropped when Sophie said that she had none other than Prince Harry's number in her phone. "Is he under 'Prince' or 'Harry'?" Sophie said cheekily while scrolling through the contacts in her mobile.

You may have thought Sophie was just kidding, but prepare to have your jaw drop once again, because the Ladies of London mom does in fact know the English royal — and he sounds just as amazing as we thought. "He's great. He's great fun," Sophie told Bravotv.com about what Prince Harry is really like. "We've had a couple of weekends in the country with mutual friends. And he's just a fun-loving person."

And that's not all. Sophie said she has also spent some time with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York. You know, Prince William and Prince Harry's cousins, the ones who stole the show at Will and Kate Middleton's wedding with those fascinating fascinators? "And a few others," Sophie said. "But, I mean, I don't hang out on a regular basis."

These royals are, of course, in addition to Viscountess Hinchingbrooke, better known as Sophie's Ladies of London mate Julie Montagu. As for Julie, she's keeping mum on the royals she knows. "If I did, I couldn't say," she replied when Sophie asked if she knows any royals during an interview with Bravotv.com.

And then Julie joked that Sophie probably should have been a little more tight-lipped about her royal relations as well. "You're so gonna get kicked out of the country," Julie teased.

Julie does know what it takes to be a real-live royal, after all.

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