Caroline Stanbury Adds This Unexpected Ingredient to Her Morning Coffee

The super-fit Ladies of London pal broke down her daily nutrition plan — which starts with a surprising drink. 

You can ask Caroline Stanbury anything. On July 11, the Ladies of London alum opened the floodgates on Instagram, telling her followers to send in questions, which she'd then post and answer. Along with the standard questions a lady like Caroline Stan gets — you know, how are you so fabulous — a query came in about the super-fit Dubai resident's daily nutrition plan. Here are a few things we learned. 

First, Caroline's morning coffee is not like your morning coffee. The native Londoner begins her day with a collagen coffee Frappaccino (wait, is that off the secret menu at Starbucks?) She'll also sip on a green celery juice. For lunch, it's anything from an omelette to shrimp or chicken, and dinner consists of seafood and fresh veggies. In a nutshell, Caroline confessed: "I really just eat well and when I am hungry!"

See? Nothing to it! 

Photo: Caroline Stanbury/ Instagram

Things do get a little bit tricker when Caroline is on the go, though. But, since she's such a frequent traveler, the Artists for Peace and Justice champion has learned one key lesson. "When I travel I try and pack my own plane food," she shared. "Super important!" 

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