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    • The New Queen Bee Bikini
    • S2/EP10 | Aired:
      November 9, 2015
      In the season finale, Caroline Stanbury adjusts to life without Gift Library. The ladies wonder if Annabelle will trust them enough to show at their final winter bash. (43:24)
    • Unbelievable Balls
    • S2/EP9 | Aired:
      November 2, 2015
      The tension between Annabelle and Caroline Stanbury boils over at Caroline Fleming's castle. The baroness visits her mother's grave and faces her father since Marissa's meddling. The ladies uncover the reason behind Annabelle's attitude. (43:24)
    • Something Rotten in Denmark
    • S2/EP8 | Aired:
      October 26, 2015
      Marissa and Juliet come back together to watch Annabelle on the catwalk with Naomi Campbell. Caroline Fleming invites the ladies to her homeland of Demark. Annabelle voices her opinion about the mounting tension between the ladies. (43:24)
    • The Cougar in the Room
    • S2/EP7 | Aired:
      October 19, 2015
      After insulting Caroline Fleming for dating a younger man, Marissa tries to salvage their friendship. Caroline Stanbury struggles to remain emotionally stable while her Gift Library continues its downward spiral. (43:24)
    • Are We Fired?
    • S2/EP6 | Aired:
      October 12, 2015
      Juliet invites everyone out for a night of bowling, to convince them she's changed. Caroline Stanbury faces the reality of having to scale down her staff. Julie, Annabelle, and Caroline Fleming try to generate ideas for saving Mapperton. (43:24)
    • Clean Up Your Mess
    • S2/EP5 | Aired:
      October 5, 2015
      Julie seeks funding for her healthy snack food start-up. Caroline Stanbury must ask her own investors to keep the Gift Library alive. Marissa seeks Annabelle’s stylish advice in anticipation of her new restaurant’s launch. (43:24)
    • One Royal Hangover
    • S2/EP4 | Aired:
      September 28, 2015
      Caroline & Juliet remain at odds, Marissa receives some great press for her “Top Dog” restaurant. Caroline Fleming visits her Grandmother in Denmark. Caroline Stanbury must put aside the gossip and fight for the Gift Library. (43:24)
    • We Are All One-sie
    • S2/EP3 | Aired:
      September 21, 2015
      The ladies celebrate New Year’s Eve in the penthouse of an exclusive London hotel. But he party is cut short when Caroline Stanbury’s hilariously over-the-top actions threaten to push Juliet and Julie over the edge. (43:24)
    • The Barefoot Baroness
    • S2/EP2 | Aired:
      September 14, 2015
      Caroline Fleming throws an eccentric holiday party. Annabelle helps Julie's confidence while Caroline Stanbury deals with the difficulties of running her business. Juliet and Marissa meet to decide the fate of their damaged friendship. (43:24)
    • London Calling
    • S2/EP1 | Aired:
      September 7, 2015
      Annabelle is back on the scene after a horrible accident last season while Julie Montagu struggles with being a working mom. Marissa sets out to throw a lavish Thanksgiving dinner. Juliet and Caroline Stanbury forge an alliance. (43:24)

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