Burning Questions

The latest challenge winner dishes on sewing skills, inspiration, and what to expect from the finales.

Jan 22, 20100


Bravotv.com: How did it feel to make it into the final four? Did you think you would get that far?

It feels great to make it this far! We had so much fun creating in such a short time. The other night was fun to watch.

Bravotv.com: For the 'wants, needs' challenge your girl's want was a hot night club opening and your girl's need was a company party. What did you first have in mind?

I was thinking super conservative and then crazy night club wear... but then I thought about 'company party' and I thought about my store ROSEARK, and that's when we decided to have fun! Our girl was going to a ROSEARK party!

Bravotv.com: Fabric seemed to be really important in this challenge. You decided on red and zebra. How did you come to that choice?

We scored with fabric. I found the zebra 'car apholstory' fabric and insane red and black fabric in the trim closet, then we came up with short skirt..red top..black vest..and red lining of course! We wanted to finally show red in our color palette and this was the perfect time to introduce it!

Bravotv.com: How did Kara Saun help you in this challenge during the walkthrough?

Kara Saun!I kept saying Corazon Corazon! She liked the red we were using and I think she liked the direction we were going in.

Nelly Rusanova
Nelly Rusanova

I really like everybody.But only 1 person look like real designer-Galina.

Philippa Smith-Tyler
Philippa Smith-Tyler

I truly loved Louanna's work. However, I think when her "evening wear" ensemble of white blouse and brown pants received low marks for her not following the instructions, her energy and enthusiasm went downhill. She's really talented. I hope she continues with this career. I think her designs have a lot to say to the fashion industry and to fashionable women. By the way, is she related to the late Lou Rawls, the singer. Back in the day, he was a favorite performer of mine.

Philippa Smith-Tyler
Philippa Smith-Tyler

I really like Kathy Rose' designs, her personality, and her quiet, humble demeanor. I also really liked Marilyn whose line was dropped. I don't feel that Coco helped Marilyn as much as the other experts helped their "proteges". Marilyn is a very mature woman. Her designs were quite good, and, if Coco really was an expert, she could have helped Marilyn's line be more acceptable to the judges. Coco behaved like a little girl. Where is Coco's work sold?