David Applebaum

Former contestant David gives his take on the latest episode.

on Dec 18, 2009

I’ll call this one “Patrick and the Snake” and tell you that I wish I could have seen that interaction up close. I could really feel the added stress of a challenge due in half of the time allowed in previous challenges. With a shorter window, this was a challenge that really hinged on the skills and working relationships of the experts. Well I have been in the studio and I have seen every one of the competitors in action, so I wasn’t worried about Merle or Louanna; they have two facile experts. Those two ladies know their stuff, so I did not expect either Merle or Louanna to make a misstep.  And then ANOTHER FIELD TRIP? I was wondering why… until well, who didn’t love watching Patrick deal with a snake and Marilyn interact with the tarantula? Oh how fun it would have been to see the crew trying to have Patrick keep the snake in his work space for continuous inspiration…