David Applebaum

Former contestant David gives his take on the latest episode.

on Dec 18, 2009

With so little time to create the next piece in their collection, this was the chance to see the teams make decisions on the fly and the experts had to be able to offer their professional perspective on what could or could not be fabricated in a short time frame. I was already worried about Patrick because Roberto prefers to work on hand sewn couture and this was going to be a jumper that had to be sewn quickly. They had not seen eye to eye and any missteps would really mess them up. You could see that train wreck coming. Marilyn and Coco don’t see eye to eye either, but Coco is so skilled they have a little more room to maneuver with. Eric and Galina are a perfect pair, you haven’t seen much of it in any of the episodes, but they are a hoot. I wish my work space would have been next to theirs. Besides, Eric was assigned the toucan… could that guy have been more lucky? A toucan, his fabrics and Galina… no way he was going in the bottom 3.