David Applebaum

Former contestant David gives his take on the latest episode.

on Dec 18, 2009

Let’s get to the garments. I have to start with Kathy. When she was in the bottom 3 with me last week, I knew she would not be dropped because she and Emil are so capable, as seen this week. I have so much respect for Emil. Did you see the 3 versions they were working on simultaneously? Emil and Kathy worked so well at honing the fabric and cut and delivering a spectacular piece that would look great on so many women. Oh and my personal gratitude for creating a deceptively simple garment in black that won.  I was also in the bottom 3 with Vanessa and even though she claims that no one gets her, in the end it is about how well the garment looks, and if you have seen Tressa’s line… well she can make anything look fierce. I can be included amongst those that haven’t “gotten” her first two pieces, but I really liked this one and do not think she deserved to be in the bottom 3. Unlike other safe choices (and you know who you are), this one was her point of view but (in my opinion) very well done. Why is it that I have a feeling there was another component to Merle’s garment? I know it was supposed to be a one piece, but this one just looked so much tamer than what I know she is capable of.