David Applebaum

Former contestant David gives his take on the latest episode.

on Dec 18, 2009

Kevin… I guess it was just your time. Someone gets eliminated each week and all it takes is one miscalculation, especially with an abbreviated timeframe. There was too much detail in that garment to put together in such a short challenge, but I wouldn’t put an attempt of that magnitude past Kevin. Most of you might not have heard of Kevin Black before, but of all of my fellow contestants… I had heard his name before I had heard of any of the others. More than a decade ago, before rap music became mainstream I was designing the headquarters for Virgin Records and something for Quincy Jones, and Kevin’s name was among the original pioneers mentioned time and time again by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Kevin was certainly behind the scenes, but he is among the group of rebels that broke down that wall. There was a lot of talk about how much these guys were risking and what kind of character it took to take on the establishment. I for one, am glad that they succeeded, and was pleased to finally meet him. Now welcome to the “dropped” group… population 3 and all men.