David Applebaum

"Sometimes my castmates and I would call Vanessa by name, but most of the time we just called her Baby Gaga."

on Dec 28, 2009

Week 4 of Launch My Line… I’ll call this one “the one when Merle finally won." This episode’s top two show us that they are forces to be reckoned with, the others show us that any mis-step can hurt. Maybe it was spending 2 hours looking for inspiration in those nude “models," but didn’t the designers all seem unfocused and off track? This brings us to the subject of the experts once again… Merle was fortunate that Thai is so facile because when they finally cleared the fog, Thai was perhaps the only one that could have completed that garment in just a few hours. Every designer is dependent on their expert… there is just not enough time to try out theories and ruminate on what ifs. Did you see how Jim kept Louanna on track? She only landed on the bottom 3 because her interpretation of evening was not as “special event” as the judges expected. Most women would love to go out for the evening in what she created and Jim kept Lou’s eye on creating the best garment that could be sewn by his expert hands in the allotted time. The piece was lovely and that’s why she did not get kicked off. Nice work. On the other hand, fellow bottom dweller Eric was in the bottom 3 because Galina opted to use the same fabrics as two previous garments. You could see Eric wanting to say something… but how do you argue with someone that has Galina’s track record of success? Her talents have garnered a win in week 2 and strong runway shows in every other challenge. I think that Galina was trying to out-think the competition and was too much in her logical head and not in her designer head. I have a feeling that she won’t make that mistake again. And I am looking forward to seeing if this makes Eric bolder in his rebuttals with Galina.