Lisa Kline

Find out what Lisa loved (and hated!) about the latest challenge.

on Dec 10, 2009

I love how cocky the designers are getting. As you can start to see with each challenge and a bit of education how intense it is to stay focused on keeping their line cohesive. I loved the trend forecasting, I think that was important for the designers to understand what that is. Having the jellyfish and butterfly as part of the design, Venice Beach was a great place to go and get inspired. I grew up in Los Angeles and went to Venice Beach and I always took out-of-town guests there. I love Venice Beach, it’s a crazy place full of creativity and insanity! The beach in the background makes it is a very inspirational place. I love that the designers were on their own, and not with their experts, so it forced them to do the design on their own. The designers seemed a bit overwhelmed walking around Venice Beach!