Lisa Kline

"Marilyn’s outfit was scary, and no one would ever wear that to the White House."

on Jan 8, 2010

It is getting exciting now half way through the show! The designers are really starting to express themselves. This week the inspiration was a pair of sunglasses and the to design a wild card outfit. Lady Gaga also showed up for some inspiration. She is cool and I would imagine her to be inspiring in a creative way until she chose the red vinyl as the fabric the designers had to incorporate! All the designers freaked out.

I have to start off by saying with each episode I dislike how Coco's acting more and more. She was rude to Marilyn and she seems always ready to walk out and leave her high and dry. I love Marilyn’s work ethic and would love a partner like her, but maybe not like Coco. Coco is so rigid and sensitive and melodramatic and difficult, not to mention she now always has a sourpuss look on her face. Marilyn was finally starting to crack from her and you could see it on her face.  Marilyn might have had a different collection and a different experience with a different partner, which is a bummer for her.  Marilyn’s outfit was scary, and no one would ever wear that to the White House. But that is what happens when you fight the entire time instead of making a dress.