Lisa Kline

"I felt bad for Patrick that the outfit was so not him, his “jumper dress” became a bathing suit! It was horrible and Kevin’s was horrible as well."

on Dec 17, 2009

So, the challenge this week was a one-piece outfit inspired by animals. I thought the animals were great for inspiration. I love exotic animals and think it was interesting or luck of the draw that certain designers chose baskets that had animals that were perfect for them. Like Merle loving the tortoise, it did go perfectly with her color palette. Kevin was happy getting the llama, Louanna liked her monkey and felt he was fluid like her designs. The zebra for Kathy Rose was great. I fell off my couch laughing with Patrick’s response to getting the snake, that Cleopatra was killed by one.

The no dress rule is quite a challenge as well. I still think Coco is such a downer and I am not into her connection with Marilyn. Marilyn is being a good sport, I would have to say, which shows a lot about her. Coco needs a chill pill, but she is telling Marilyn to relax!!

I love the trim room panic and I was glad Kathy got her wish with the Zebra fabric being in there. I also like how Kathy and Emil worked together and made a black jumpsuit. That was a very good move over the first 2 options. Luckily Patrick is too reserved to slap Roberto! Roberto is so demanding and loves to push Patrick’s buttons, it's irritating.