Lisa Kline

"Dan should have never designed a jacket. That was the worst call!!"

on Dec 4, 2009

Well it is nice to finally have the first espisode air!I thought it was great. The characters were amazing, so were the teams, and getting to know them.

As a judge I never really got to see the inside drama of behind-the-scenes partnerships and the stress that happened. I just know that not being a designer and having to come up with an entire line, direction, vision and picking out fabric with someone you just met who is an "expert" isn't easy. Then they have to use what they picked as fabric for the rest of the show and have to be very creative with the challenges given to them.

I heard that there was drama with Marilyn and Coco, and that Coco left the studio. When I watched what happened I was shocked that Coco said she was tired and left. I would have been furious, and Marilyn was calm, cool and collected and worked the night away to redesign her first outfit! That was impressive and she was the audience choice which shows that hard work and vision and instict pays off.