Stefani Greenfield

Stefani tells you what to expect on Launch My Line.

on Dec 2, 2009

Since launching MY NEXT ACT, a fashion brand building company I formed in 2008, I have been shocked in meeting with people who have talent, funding, or existing businesses that don't have or are unable to articulate their message or mission. My "gift" and goal of My Next Act is working with creative people in fashion to help actualize their dream. Inspiring people and collaborations turn me on! This is why I accepted the opportunity from BRAVO to be a judge on LML with Lisa, Dean and Dan. (They are BEYOND the best.) Together we bring a myriad of qualifications, allowing us to be objective, constructive and helpful to the fabulous teams on their journey.

LML is sooooo REAL - on TV and in LIFE. The "I" is gone and the "WE" is GAME ON!!!

Each week you will laugh and learn with LML - for me it gets harder to say goodbye. "To thine own brand be true"........ x Stefani