Stefani Greenfield

Who impressed Judge Stefani? Find out!

on Jan 13, 2010

Process......  I was so bummed not to be able to accompany Lisa (who did a fab job) and the designers to the Citizens of Humanity wash house. Though, with baby, husband and business in NY I needed to leave the "bubble" and get back to TRUE reality for a bit. Gerard from COH is the denim guru! I have known him for 10+ years, we met when he first launched Seven for all Mankind. What a privilege for the designers and Lisa to enter his Willy Wonka denim factory.

The process of denim design through production is truly an art and I thought it was a brilliant challenge to incorporate a distressed fabric as this week's element. The designers (even anti-denim Merle) embraced the challenge and equipment - don't mess w/ Louanna's technique, Kathy! Actually, I was rather impressed by how professional both ladies were when Louanna felt Kathy was more imitative than innovative. We have witnessed many devolve, it was nice to see true grown-ups.