Stefani Greenfield

"We have seen what is yet to come and can't wait for all of you to have the same privilege."

on Jan 27, 20100

And then there are 3 ..... 3 teams, 3 new outfits to design (pockets, ruffles, evening gowns) and 3 letters to describe what we expect to see. OTT - OVER THE TOP!!! Were you surprised to see our exited experts back??

Stay tuned - there's more in store! I think this was such a clever concept to align former competitors and allow them to pick their "dream team" to work with. The addition of Tressa and Coco to Merle and Thai's INSIDE OUT was "right side up." Julie and Susan spinning w/ DJ Eric and Galina seems to have potential. Though, I question the "cocktail" of Roberto and Jim mixed with Kathy and Emil.

Dan and Dean are ever so graceful as they visit the design room for the last time. Without directly navigating each team their eyes and few words say it all. I hope after seven challenges the designers have learned how to read them. The opportunity to trash, replace, or revise 3 looks is major.


I've enjoyed watching Launch My Line these past couple weeks. I'll miss everyone! :(.

I'd like to give a suggestion: Consider giving Eric 1st place... His clothes are sexy and for hot young people, please don't judge on what YOU think people will buy....


In my opinion, launch your line had a racist undertone up to the very end. I think it is real sad that you are judged by your color and not your art. There must be a way of allowing judgements to be made before the judges identify who the designer is, now that would be fair.