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Stefani Greenfield

It's Been Real

It's been real - Kathy and Emil and Native Rose are victorious! What a finale! (How cool was Fergie? Positive, confidence building, supportive and kind - thanks for celebrating the designers rather than turning their world upside down in the last...
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Over the Top!

And then there are 3 ..... 3 teams, 3 new outfits to design (pockets, ruffles, evening gowns) and 3 letters to describe what we expect to see. OTT - OVER THE TOP!!! Were you surprised to see our exited experts back??...
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It's Tough Out There

Transition ...... 8 experts in their individual fields have evolved into 4 fabulous design teams. Over the past 6 episodes we have watched this competition bring out the best, and worst, in people....
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Lady Marmalade

Process......  I was so bummed not to be able to accompany Lisa (who did a fab job) and the designers to the Citizens of Humanity wash house. Though, with baby, husband and business in NY I needed to leave the "bubble" and get back to TRUE reality...
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What Went Down

Evolving and dissolving... By this point in the competition the remaining initial teams of strangers have forged tight relationships and partnerships. Some we may have expected to implode (Roberto + Patrick) have blossomed. Others who started off...
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CHOICES. Each week the designers are presented with a challenge specifically incorporating an inspirational element. How priceless was the look on their faces when the element(s) stood naked in front of them? Though, they all managed to channel...
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