It's Tough Out There

Kathy Rose: "My Heart Skipped a Beat"

It's Been Real

Over the Top!

Kathy Rose: "It feels great to make it this far!"

Merle: "I Guess I Was Wrong!"

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Lady Marmalade

High and Dry

Marilyn Crawford: "I Do Not Want to Blame Anyone"

What Went Down

Out on the Town

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The One Where Merle Finally Won


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Patrick and the Snake

Kathy Rose: "I Couldn't Believe It!"

Luck of the Draw

Don't Bungle the Jungle

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A Lot to Judge

David Applebaum: "My Big Mouth"

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No Wrong Path

Louanna Rawls: The Right Direction

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Stay Tuned

It's All Happening!

It's Tough Out There

Judge Stefani doesn't hold back in her critique of the final four teams!

Transition ...... 8 experts in their individual fields have evolved into 4 fabulous design teams. Over the past 6 episodes we have watched this competition bring out the best, and worst, in people.

The stress, pressure and silence in the design room this week was enough to test a flawless relationship. Combined with the super articulate critique by Kara Saun, even a warrior could crumble. We witnessed Galina's tears, Louanna's angst, Merle's moment of insecurity and Kathy's frustration. But did these fabulous people take it or make it personal? NO!! I was so impressed with all of the teams and their support of and for each other. It's tough out there in the real world, especially when up against deadlines. The FIT (on every level) SURVIVE and THRIVE. Talent is just not enough. An inability to communicate and work with others can destroy even the most promising (Marilyn and Coco).

Oh yeah, the clothes. My LEAST favorite looks of the competition other than Kathy's winner. It was an extremely difficult decision to eliminate Louanna and Jim. I love Louanna's confidence and taste level. Jim -- you are a master tailor!

There is sooooo much to look forward to in the finales. Trust me - it has been worth the wait!!!

See ya for the launch!

- x Stefani