Louanna Rawls: The Right Direction

Kathy Rose: "My Heart Skipped a Beat"

It's Been Real

Over the Top!

Kathy Rose: "It feels great to make it this far!"

It's Tough Out There

Merle: "I Guess I Was Wrong!"

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Lady Marmalade

High and Dry

Marilyn Crawford: "I Do Not Want to Blame Anyone"

What Went Down

Out on the Town

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The One Where Merle Finally Won


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Patrick and the Snake

Kathy Rose: "I Couldn't Believe It!"

Luck of the Draw

Don't Bungle the Jungle

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A Lot to Judge

David Applebaum: "My Big Mouth"

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No Wrong Path

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Stay Tuned

It's All Happening!

Louanna Rawls: The Right Direction

The first challenge winner talks about her first design, her personal style, and more. Expand on what made you want to start your own fashion line.

Louanna: I've always been in love with fashion, and to see my vision come to light has always been a dream of mine. I have a great eye and I know what is flattering to a woman's body. How would you define your own personal style?

Louanna: My own personal style is classic with a little edge. Your personal item was your grandma's earrings. Why did you choose that item?

Louanna: I chose her earrings because they were simple and elegant, which is what my line is based on. You chose an asymmetrical dress as your signature piece. Expand on why you made that decision.

Louanna: I chose it because it really shows off the bodice. You had a major set-back when oil got on the dress. Describe how you were feeling and how you made it work.

Louanna: The oil on the dress was a stressful moment because of the light color of the material, but because of the draping of the garment it was able to be covered. How did you get along with your design expert Jim? Did you immediately work well together?

Louanna: Jim and I were a perfect fit from the start, he also has a great sense of style. The judges absolutely loved your design. How did it feel to be the first challenge winner?

Louanna: It was amazing to be the winner of the first challenge, and it showed I was going in the right direction. Where do you think Dan went wrong?

Louanna: I think Dan took on more than he could handle with his first design.