Fabio Viviani

Fabio believes his Nonna recipes and his #teamFabio will carry him through.

on Oct 3, 2012

Richard Blais seems a little overwhelmed since Top Chef ended. . .He was on my case because he said that I didn’t listen to any of the nice things he said. . .I have to block him out because he was whining so much that day! Don’t be such a girl, Richie! Why you so stressed out? Is everything OK at home Richie!?! You must keep the WIFE happy, if you don't then even when you WIN you are gonna LOSE! Give her big kisses for me OK?!?

I do not think Richie is taking Dr. Fabio’s prescribed medication of vodka and nutella! He is always trying to distract me during prep work. . .I think he is trying to make me break my thumb again. . .I’m on to you Richard! You cannot fool me. . .