Fabio Viviani

Fabio believes his Nonna recipes and his #teamFabio will carry him through.

on Oct 3, 2012

Jen has had a hard time since she was on Top Chef. . .She said that her investors fell through at the last minute. This business is tough! I feel bad for her and wish her the best. . .She is a wonderful chef and I know that she will work it out. She had me worried at the Food & Wine festival because she and Spike were late.. . .But I don't worry too much because then my own food would not get done.

I think that Spike was jealous of the attention I show my fans! He steals my phone from me. . .When I am away from my phone it is like someone has stolen my clothes! I guess Spike is jealous of all the time I spend with #teamfabio. . .It is not enough for me to just make good food Spike. . .I will not rest until all of #teamfabio is cooking better than Spike!

This is going to be a great season. . .Do you think that Spike can get out from under his mother's shadow? Will Richard Blais strike a balance between family and work? Will Jenn ever get to fulfill her dream of owning her own restaurant? Will I get cancer from using my cell phone too much?!? Let me know what your favorite moments of the show are on Twitter @fabioviviani, See you next week !!