Fabio Viviani

There's no need to worry about Fabio Viviani.

on Oct 17, 2012

All of a sudden my alarm goes off at the dinner table, and the whole mood changes... I understand that they are all worried that I work too hard, but if not me then who?! I work hard so that my parents do not have to anymore... Is this not what a good son should do?! I know where they are coming from, but trust me, I wouldn’t be doing it if I thought it was too much... Part of all this is fun... the truth is I am addicted to working hard because I love my career! All of it is technically work... but it is fun too!

Richie can probably relate to my work schedule the most from all the other chefs because he is trying to balance his career and family at the same time... I thought it was great that he and his wife took time to do something nice for her birthday. But now I just fear for Richard's life because who knew she was a marksman...? You better watch out Richie because I think she is gunnin' for you!

I am fascinated more and more by Jen’s family... I did not know that they were into racing cars... I can see it now -- in a year, Jen will have her own restaurant, Concrete Blonde, and she will be making delicious food. But she will also deliver the food and hop in a racecar to bring it to you. If it's not there in 15 minutes it's free, but the way she drives it's always there in five!

I almost feel bad for Spike, but he brings it all on himself... If he wasn’t missing weddings and showing up to cook when the chef is supposed to, then his mom probably wouldn’t have to get on his case so much... But who am I kidding?! He is a man-child, and Spike probably still needs to be tucked in at night! But that's why we all love him, right?

Well #TeamFabio, that is it for this week's Life After Top Chef blog... I hope you enjoyed reading and watching the show because I do this for all of my fans! Thank you to everyone who shows me the love and support... You make all this hard work seem easy! Ciao!