Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani reflects on his argument with Alex, the Church event planner.

on Oct 10, 2012

I think the reason I feel motivated to keep going is because my family was not very fortunate. I work hard since I KNOW what it is like to be poor. My mother worked hard every day of her life, and so I know that I can handle everything I take on. When I am feeling stressed out about everything I must do in my life and my career, I just remember how strong my family was when I needed them and it gives me the strength I need to be strong for my family now. The American dream is still alive in Fabio. One day I will have little Fabios running around, and I work hard now, so that I can play with them when the time comes. 

My 'Life After Top Chef' looks less difficult when I see Richie still having issues with his family... I just went through this Richie! I know how hard it is. Richie’s wife sounds like she is struggling with her husband's career, but she just wants you to be there! Richie! Take my advice... put in the 15 or what? 10 minutes with your wife each morning and take the time away from your breakfast. She will really appreciate it!

This week, Jen started making the right choices with her restaurant. She is one step closer to owning her first place and I am very proud of her! I feel bad for Jen’s mom. I went through the same with a family member, and it is not easy, but Jen is a good girl, and that will give her mom lots of strength to see her succeed! KEEP IT UP, JEN! I know that you are a great chef and can do it... Too bad you do not have the team that Spike has, right?!? It should be Top Chef Family because Spike lets them all run the business for him... all he has to do is the cooking. Must be nice -- right, Spike?! Oh wait, Spike... you do not even have to COOK!

I love that Spike named his turtle Fabio, but Spike, are you worried that now even your turtle will treat you like a bitch? Now you have me, your mother, and your turtle treating you like one! Keep watching Life After Top Chef and let me know what your favorites parts are on Twitter @fabioviviani! Until next week!