Fabio: "We All Saw the Truth"

Fabio Viviani reflects on his argument with Alex, the Church event planner.

Hello #TeamFabio !! It is Week 2 of Life After Top Chef, and I will not slow down!! This week the chefs wanted to run the 5k for charity...yeah... Did I mention that I do not do this? I am a chef! NOT an athlete!! If I wanted to run for a living then I would be in the Olympics! But I am all for charity, so me and Jacopo decide to race the other chefs. We might not have won but we look the best doing it. Ha! Jacopo pulled me for 5K -- he’s a beast!

The Aspen Food & Wine festival is a great event... the festival is crawling with the who’s who of the chef world from celebrity chefs, bloggers, and TV personalities, so it is the perfect time to make connections and network. Jacopo and I are wanting to start a wine club soon and this was a great chance to meet people and open new doors for us! Jacopo Falleni is my business partner, but is also migliori amici... or brother from another mother in American; He is one of the best sommeliers in the universe! So I brought him to the wine festival so he can impart his knowledge on the wine world...

The charity event for the church was a headache and it didn’t have to be! I had worked with the Church before, but it was my first time working with Alex... So she didn’t know that me and the team handle EVERYTHING! But what we do not do is call every five minutes and update what we are doing RIGHT NOW! So  I stepped on the wrong woman's toes! I learned that you cannot tell a lady that she is freaking out... she does not know that I just want her to know I have it all under control. She thought I was attacking the way she was handling it. Leave it to a lady to choose the wrong of the two possible meanings I have, and a lady will never let you down. But isn’t that why we love them?!  It is OK -- the cooking class was still a huge success even though the event coordinator tried to make me look like a prima donna... WE ALL SAW THE TRUTH!

As the show continues, I notice my dedication to my career is pulling me in a million different directions... It is very stressful but I also love my #TeamFabio and try very hard to work social media to the maximum that I can RAISE THE BAR, so I must always be upping my game.I think the reason I feel motivated to keep going is because my family was not very fortunate. I work hard since I KNOW what it is like to be poor. My mother worked hard every day of her life, and so I know that I can handle everything I take on. When I am feeling stressed out about everything I must do in my life and my career, I just remember how strong my family was when I needed them and it gives me the strength I need to be strong for my family now. The American dream is still alive in Fabio. One day I will have little Fabios running around, and I work hard now, so that I can play with them when the time comes. 

My 'Life After Top Chef' looks less difficult when I see Richie still having issues with his family... I just went through this Richie! I know how hard it is. Richie’s wife sounds like she is struggling with her husband's career, but she just wants you to be there! Richie! Take my advice... put in the 15 or what? 10 minutes with your wife each morning and take the time away from your breakfast. She will really appreciate it!

This week, Jen started making the right choices with her restaurant. She is one step closer to owning her first place and I am very proud of her! I feel bad for Jen’s mom. I went through the same with a family member, and it is not easy, but Jen is a good girl, and that will give her mom lots of strength to see her succeed! KEEP IT UP, JEN! I know that you are a great chef and can do it... Too bad you do not have the team that Spike has, right?!? It should be Top Chef Family because Spike lets them all run the business for him... all he has to do is the cooking. Must be nice -- right, Spike?! Oh wait, Spike... you do not even have to COOK!

I love that Spike named his turtle Fabio, but Spike, are you worried that now even your turtle will treat you like a bitch? Now you have me, your mother, and your turtle treating you like one! Keep watching Life After Top Chef and let me know what your favorites parts are on Twitter @fabioviviani! Until next week! 


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Go Team Fabio!

Fabio Viviani learns from his fans.


Hello, everyone! I am sad because I have really enjoyed these blogs and the live-tweeting with #TeamFabio. Each person who comes to me at an event to tell me how much they enjoyed one of my recipes, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for supporting me because I would not be here without you.

My time on Life After Top Chef has taught me so much. The fans have spoken and helped me realize that I can relax a little bit to take time for myself. Dean Schaeffer has really been helping me with this. I cannot stress how important it is to take time to reflect on your own life. I am not saying that you have to go worship crystals in the desert, but you can take time in your life to meditate on what is bothering you. I find that it gives me clarity and is really helpful.

Spike came through with his connections in D.C. this week and decided to call in the big guns, the Italian Stallion in the chef world, to cook at the event for kids. Of course I accepted -- I never would have dreamed in a million years that I would be here cooking for the First Lady! So my sadness about the end of LATC is immediately met with an excited nervousness. Do not get me wrong! I was not nervous about cooking for the First Lady as much as I am about being on Team Blue with Richie. This guy is a nervous wreck! Richie! You do not have to worry -- this is what we do for a living.... Did you know that you won Top Chef?! 

It is OK because being a chef is not always about the food. Most of the time it is about solving problems without the customer knowing that there was ever a problem in the first place. So if today I need to manage Richie’s stress about the event, I can do that because if I can’t be the top chef, I can be the favorite -- I’m OK with that. Are you, Richie? Ha!

We were all honored to be a part of the First Lady’s plan to provide nutritional food to kids in school. I have heard horror stories about the food that is served in the school lunch programs. It is important for the children to get a healthy meal, and I have seen the plastic cheese they put on top of cardboard pizza. These are the future rulers of the world, people! Don’t you think we should feed them properly?

Everyone’s Life After Top Chef has been a huge success in my cookbook. I wonder what there is to look forward to in my Life after Life after Top Chef. I know that it will be exciting. One thing I have really enjoyed is the feedback that I get from my fans here on the blog and especially during the live-tweeting during the show. But just because the show is ending, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get a hold of me anymore! I try to answer every one of my fans whenever I get a few minutes to hop on my Facebook or Twitter, and I have a new cookbook coming out next year! Go #TeamFabio!


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