Fabio Viviani

Fabio questions Richard's anniversary gift for his wife.

on Oct 24, 2012

OOO NO RICHIE! What you are doing?! I do not know Richie’s wife.... but I am pretty sure that she is the one who married the Top Chef. Should we start worrying about him ! He buys her a knife... teaches her how to shoot a machine gun, and then gives her a back pack so that she can carry all of her weapons around in it! Is your wife a NINJA, Richie?! Are you crazy? The only good thing that can come out of you buying your wife the sharpest knife in the store is so that she could cut the poof off of the top of your head! On second thought, Richie, a haircut would probably be the best anniversary gift that you could give your wife! Well done, sir...

I also have to say a BIG congrats to Dale Talde on his amazing restaurant, Talde. That guy is such a talented chef, and it was so nice of him to treat us all to such a DELICIOUS meal! I was a little upset that Angelo Sosa and Carla Hall had to crash my man date with Richie.... I thought it was just going to be the two of us! I can't help that I have a huge crush on Richie... isn't he so dreamy? Also, good to see that Angelo still has the avocado in his tight pants.

Jen gave me the best gift of all this week when I saw her on Life After Top Chef trying to catch a chicken! I was eating dinner at the time and almost spit out my wine! That girl has a large dose of crazy, but it's why I love her so much.... She needs to get a move on it, so I can go eat at Concrete Blonde. I have never heard so much about a restaurant that does not exist yet.... But I am sure with Jen as head chef it will be amazing! I hope that Chef Spike can come through with his investors so that she can open soon.... That would be an AWESOME GIFT!! Right, Jen?!