Richard Blais

Early flights, cooking demos, and restaurant check-ins -- oh my!

on Oct 25, 2012


Context -- it's not the easiest thing to grasp when watching a reality television show. A comment here, a look there, and all of a sudden, you are a jerk, or let's say, your wife is a villain... But as you watch Life After, it might help to know even a little more about the storyline, so here's my attempt to give you even more access into my life, in hopes, well, that some of you can lay off my wife a little bit... Ha!


I woke up super early in New York City where I just spent the last few days cooking and talking about innovation and sustainability with the "Plastics Make it Possible" campaign at New York Food & Wine Festival. I shared a "good morning" text with my wife, and then gobbled down a pancake and put up a pic on Instagram (@richardblais). Then, I filmed some shopping at Chelsea Market and on the Highline. After that, I went for a quick 10K run and checked in on my Trail Blais team who were cooking at the Grand Tasting Hall. Immediately from there, I shot over to the Dream Hotel to cook a brunch sponsored by Whole Foods Market with another part of my travel team. I did a few interviews, said "hey" to my buddy Dale Talde across the street, met with my manager, publicist, literary agent, publisher, and took about 200 pictures with supporters! Then, off to the airport. Oh, and I bought a Yankees cap and had a truly horrific airport dining experience as well. I got back to Atlanta well after the kids went to bed, watched an episode of Homeland, with Jazmin, and went to bed.


Riley woke up five times in the middle of the night. And because I'm a light sleeper, I fielded all five times. She was having a nightmare of some sort about dolphins and witches -- who knows. She pooped, I wiped. And I sang her "Take me out to the ball game" five times. The morning was as chaotic as it usually is, with the kids being kids, planting Cheerios mine fields on the kitchen floor, and that sort of thing. Jazmin and I "discussed" the fact that my next flight left Tuesday  at 6:30 a.m. for a gig I had in Cincinnati on Wednesday. Someone (read: me) flubbed the flight time as I don't usually fly that early the day prior to an event. She was upset, and rightfully so. Monday was my only possible defined day off this week, so I intentionally shirked all other professional responsibilities except answering emails, texts, and tweets of course.