Richard Blais

Early flights, cooking demos, and restaurant check-ins -- oh my!

on Oct 25, 2012


I'm off to Cincy before the house wakes up. I spent the transit twittering. I  brought the DVD of this week's episode of Life After, but my IPad doesn't do the DVDs. I read Magnus Nilsson's book from Faviken, which inspires me to grow a beard. I checked into Cincinnati and go on a glorious 13-mile run into Kentucky and back into Riverfront Park. Aha! I booked the flight in early because I thought the Reds might still be in the playoffs. Last year, I threw out a first pitch at Great American. But they aren't in it anymore, so my run past their stadium is sad. I get back to the hotel and jam out emails and play MLB12: The Show on my Playstation, that I travel with. Yes -- I'm a dork. I bail on a corporate dinner with clients because honestly, I hate those. They are too long and I go mad waiting for the dessert course as my mind starts to go to all the deliverables I have to complete, like this blog. Instead, I eat Chipotle alone, like Fabio did with In-N-Out,  Except, not in a parking lot, or anything as sad as that. I try to fall asleep, as the next day, I have an ideation session with a large snack company. I toggle between the politicos talking election stuff and The Yankees' non-productive bats. I text beautiful things to Jazmin, and fall asleep.


I can't disclose much, except that I shipped an ultrasonic homogenizer to my session. it's a 10,000$ blender. Check it out at Polyscience and ask for it for the holidays. We worked out of a kitchen at Jungle Jim's, which is a fascinating place. I demonstrated alongside food science guru Shirley Corriher, who made her famous biscuits. As a chef, these biscuits make the week. They are amazing. Maybe I'll share the recipe soon.... The next eight hours are all brainstorming and cooking. This side of my work is always educational and fun. I leave after eating seven biscuits and hopefully providing the client some food for thought. On the way back to the airport, I meet a superfan who's a barista at Starbucks. We take pictures. I love meeting fans on the road! Kind of hard for that not to feel good. So take this as permission to say hello, unless I'm pushing two strollers or carrying a screaming child or something. Flight gets in just in time to watch Life After with Jazmin at home. In full disclosure, the birthday cake scene was the lowest energy footage we ever shot. I don't remember why exactly, but knew it was awkward and weird. And it was. To clarify, it was a handbag that could also be a backpack. Yes, I know my wife isn't Dora The Explorer, but she is Latina, ha... And, yes, she returned the bagsack...

The gun range was thrilling. I'm all about life experience, and this was a great one. Jazmin really took to it and was, as documented, quite the shot. She was so happy, and it showed on-screen. All I want to do is make her happy. We watched a few moments of WWHL and went to bed while reading tweets and recaps of the show. Jazmin can't stand that!