Richard Blais

The chef has lost about 60 in the last eight years.

on Oct 12, 2012

I run to eat. It's pretty simple or, at least, that is how it started. On this week's episode, you watched Jen and me run a charity 5K in Aspen. It was a lot of fun. I lined up with Marcus Samuelsson and Bobby Flay and once the gun sounded, I watched Marcus disappear into the distance. The guy is an Olympic runner, I'm convinced.

As most of you won't be surprised to hear, I've become borderline obsessed with running. Next month I'll run my second ING New York City marathon, and two weeks later on Thanksgiving morning, I'll run a half marathon in Atlanta. Some of you have followed me since Season 4 of Top Chef. But not too many of you probably know that I've lost 60 or so pounds over the last 8 years.

Proof? Check out this pic...

And so it was natural for me to combine my new love of running with a cause that I could understand and relate to. Last year, I partnered with Alliance for a Healthier Generation to raise awareness and fight childhood obesity, and fundraise for the cause through my run. We were able to raise over $25,000! This year, we've partnered up again and yes, I'm about to hit you up for donations, really, every bit helps. If you would like to support me, follow this link!

In the meantime, because maybe I've inspired some of you to lace up, here's a few of my favorite places to run in the country:

Los Angeles - Most locals will tell you to hit Griffith Park, which is indeed fun. But if you are looking for a 2-3 mile, high intensity, part run, part serious incline hike, complete with some amazing views of downtown L.A. and good people-watching, go to Runyon Canyon.