Spike Mendelsohn

Spike talks about his latest restaurant venture, Bernaise.

on Oct 10, 2012

Brad and I met up with one of my good friends (and Top Chef alum) Mike Isabella when I got back. It’s always good to hang out with other chefs, talk shop, drink, and eat. Mike and I both bought custom-made Honda Ruckuses this year. I told him that I was buying a Good Stuff Eatery custom bike and Mikey, always an original, followed suit with a custom Ruckus for his baby, Graffiato. Since then, we’ve gathered a decent-sized D.C. crew of Ruckus riding chefs. So, Washingtonians, stay safe on those sidewalks! Some pork-loving chefs have been spotted in packs roaming the road on 50 ccs.

My entire family got together when I returned to D.C. Having everyone over and cooking some delicious food is always a blast. My mom and I sometimes bicker over who really is the chef in the family. The woman has talent! As much as I like to talk a big game, I learned everything I know from that woman. My mom is the ultimate chef and I seek out her opinion constantly, especially now when my sister and I are opening up a new restaurant on our own.