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Spike Loves Canada

The chef visits his hometown of Montreal.

Oh, Canada! There is nothing better than going up to Canada to see my family, hit the slopes, and stop by my old stomping grounds in Montreal. I was born in Canada -- which explains my love for hockey and smoked meat.

Skiing in Mont-Treblant was awesome. It’s so beautiful and the Laurentian mountains hold a place close to my heart. My grandfather Sunny, who was the inspiration behind Good Stuff Eatery, had a house in the Laurentian Mountains. I remember sitting at his house as a kid and he would make me the most delicious, juiciest hamburgers in the entire world. He would wrap them up in wax paper -- which is why my family and I serve them that way at Good Stuff Eatery. Sunny used to always say, “Now that’s Good Stuff!” And with these burgers, he wasn’t lying. Spending time with him as a kid was among my best childhood memories.

My cousin’s wedding was a blast. As you can all see, my family likes to do everything together. So when all of us are in the same place, at the same time, it doesn’t get much better. We celebrated, feasted, told stories, and stayed up and out way too late. That’s how Canadians do it.

I brought Brad along on the trip. Brad will be the executive chef at Béarnaise, the steak-frites restaurant that I am opening with my sister, so we really used this trip as an opportunity to do some culinary research for the restaurant. We visited L’Entrecote in Montreal for some inspiration. My mother is a sage, wonderful woman (you’re reading this -- right, mom?) She had an infinite amount of opinions about what we should and should not do at our restaurant. We can try to breakaway and do something on our own, but she is a Grewish (Greek-Jewish) mother, she can’t help herself!

 In all seriousness, I welcome her advice. She knows a lot!Although I am worried about my future partnership with Brad. He and I got into a heated argument in Montreal about Montreal vs. New York bagels. He claims that the best ones come from Brooklyn. I really don’t want to start doubting him, but come on! Montreal is where it’s at!


Go Team Fabio!

Fabio Viviani learns from his fans.


Hello, everyone! I am sad because I have really enjoyed these blogs and the live-tweeting with #TeamFabio. Each person who comes to me at an event to tell me how much they enjoyed one of my recipes, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for supporting me because I would not be here without you.

My time on Life After Top Chef has taught me so much. The fans have spoken and helped me realize that I can relax a little bit to take time for myself. Dean Schaeffer has really been helping me with this. I cannot stress how important it is to take time to reflect on your own life. I am not saying that you have to go worship crystals in the desert, but you can take time in your life to meditate on what is bothering you. I find that it gives me clarity and is really helpful.

Spike came through with his connections in D.C. this week and decided to call in the big guns, the Italian Stallion in the chef world, to cook at the event for kids. Of course I accepted -- I never would have dreamed in a million years that I would be here cooking for the First Lady! So my sadness about the end of LATC is immediately met with an excited nervousness. Do not get me wrong! I was not nervous about cooking for the First Lady as much as I am about being on Team Blue with Richie. This guy is a nervous wreck! Richie! You do not have to worry -- this is what we do for a living.... Did you know that you won Top Chef?! 

It is OK because being a chef is not always about the food. Most of the time it is about solving problems without the customer knowing that there was ever a problem in the first place. So if today I need to manage Richie’s stress about the event, I can do that because if I can’t be the top chef, I can be the favorite -- I’m OK with that. Are you, Richie? Ha!

We were all honored to be a part of the First Lady’s plan to provide nutritional food to kids in school. I have heard horror stories about the food that is served in the school lunch programs. It is important for the children to get a healthy meal, and I have seen the plastic cheese they put on top of cardboard pizza. These are the future rulers of the world, people! Don’t you think we should feed them properly?

Everyone’s Life After Top Chef has been a huge success in my cookbook. I wonder what there is to look forward to in my Life after Life after Top Chef. I know that it will be exciting. One thing I have really enjoyed is the feedback that I get from my fans here on the blog and especially during the live-tweeting during the show. But just because the show is ending, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get a hold of me anymore! I try to answer every one of my fans whenever I get a few minutes to hop on my Facebook or Twitter, and I have a new cookbook coming out next year! Go #TeamFabio!