7 Things We Never Knew About Jackie O's Style

by Adele Chapin
December 2, 2016 • 12:56 PM ET
Natalie Portman's already getting Oscar buzz for her role in the biopic Jackie, opening in select theaters today. Portman is clearly stunning and stylish, but we bet she felt just a little bit nervous filling the fashionable shoes of Jacqueline...
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10 Times Mariah Carey Was Glitter Personified

by Tamara Palmer
December 2, 2016 • 10:35 AM ET
Mariah Carey has rarely shied away from sparkles. She starred in Glitter, after, all—and these days, the singer is even bathing in diamonds! As you get ready for this weekend's premiere of  her docuseries Mariah's World, slip into...
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THIS is the Secret Behind Those Victoria's Secret Waves

by Jenny Berg
December 1, 2016 • 3:59 PM ET
Sean James Decuers, who has a coveted chair at New York's Pierre Michel Salon, has been a stylist for more than 20 years. But, we're guessing there's one question he gets asked the most: I'm no Gisele, but can you help me get those Victoria's...
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