Beyoncé's On-the-Fly Fashion Shoot Proves Feathers Can Be Even More Festive than Sparkles

Queen Bey showed us what to wear at every upcoming party. 

In a party-heavy season, it can be a sruggle to come up with fresh takes on festive attire. Thankfully, Beyoncé's Instagram feed exists, and it's a constant source of dress-up inspiration. The mom of three has been known to stage impromptu fashion shoots to show off her looks for awards shows, weddings, and more. And her most recent look makes a strong — nay, unshakable— case for wearing head-to-toe feathers at your next big party. Just scroll down: you'll become a fan of aviary-inspired fashion in no time. 

On December 10, the singer posted a series of snaps that showed off her silvery look, from velvet pump-clad toe... 

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to feathery hem ... 

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to perfectly coifed head: 

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Talk about some prime plumage! In the Nina Ricci mini-dress, the Grammy winner looked like an impossibly fierce, exotic bird of prey. And naturally, we've never been more inspired to add feathers to our repertoire. 

Queen Bey isn't really one for captions, so we're not sure where she was headed in that fantastical look. But, we'd venture to guess that Beyoncé was the belle of whatever ball it was.  

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