Only Beyoncé Can Pull Off Casually Running Errands in Epic Floor-Length Braids

Beyoncé's Rapunzel-style braids are pretty much the length of her whole body. 

Beyoncé may flirt with short hair, but she keeps going back to a Rapunzel-length mane. Remember the long, long, long ponytail she wore to her friend Serena Williams' wedding in November? She must have loved it as much as we did, because she went on to wear knee-length braids to the Grammys and it looks like she hasn't switched things up much since then.

The pop queen was spotted wearing long braids that practically sweep the floor this past weekend weekend in Miami, where she and Jay-Z have been hanging out lately. Only Beyoncé would casually wear hairstyle this epic to run errands (of course, she has on sweats from her athleisure brand Ivy Park too). 

Photo credit: Backgrid  

Will she keep this style for her headlining debut at the Coachella music festival in the California desert this April? That is a long way away, after all, and you never know what surprises the Lemonade singer has up her sleeve ...

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