Lori Zaslow

Lori Zaslow explains the best way to approach a date.

on Aug 8, 2012

“Love is like friendship caught fire.” – Bruce Lee

This week I worked with Justin and Doug.  Justin was the perfect example of open and willing; Doug was the perfect example of not.  Every encounter with another human being is a chance to uphold, improve or destroy your reputation.  You never know who you are interacting with or how they will cross your path in the future. This effect is exponential.  After discovering the way Doug treats his dates, I would not be comfortable setting him up with another woman, or even recommending his business to anyone I care about until he changes his ways.  I know Jessica felt the same, and I’d bet she won’t be as forgiving, if he changes.  Doug will have to dig deeper to be able to receive the love I believe we all deserve, when it crosses his path.