Lori Zaslow

Lori Zaslow explains the best way to approach a date.

on Aug 8, 20120

Justin, a free spirit, could benefit from believing his own words more when it comes to his dating tactics.  Self-doubt is a huge turnoff.  Being open to modifications and improvements towards your own goals for success is great, but always be proud to be you.  He went in for the kiss; he should’ve been proud of himself.  He was polite enough to ask her permission, and she consented.  Run full force to first base; never assume it’s a foul ball.  Women love men who are sure of themselves and not afraid to take action.  After the kiss, he could’ve focused on Paula’s feelings by reading her facial and body language and speaking with consideration and confidence, no matter what either of them felt.  An awkward first kiss can’t permanently ruin a good first impression nearly as fast as losing your cool and talking about an ex can.

A nice break with good old friends is a great way to hit your reset button.  Good friends ground you in who you really are and what you stand for.  Romance comes and goes, but real friendship is forever.  So imagine if your romance starts from friendship?  Think of your date as a good friend who you want to learn more about, for one hour, whether you feel romantic chemistry or not.  This image will inspire respect and help you keep your cool.  As we always hear, you only have one chance to make a first impression.  Your date could turn out to be your new best friend who introduces you to your soul mate. What goes around comes around, so spread some love by being a friend.