Lori Zaslow

Lori thinks David did well on his date with Ivy (except for the comparing of the hands).

on Mar 5, 2012

Let’s talk about Fagan for a second. Puh-lease! My business partner, Jenn, and I are very serious when it comes to taking on clients. We do NOT work with men who are not serious about finding love. Pro-love is our question, not pro-life. Ahem, check please!  Though I felt I may have wasted my time, it only made me appreciate the clients I'm already committed to helping find love. As I always say, love is a process.

A BIG THANKS to Nicole Miller and to my husband, Bryan, and JBCStyle, otherwise meeting Nicole Miller would not be a reality. How fab were those dresses that Ivy tried on? Love, love, love. Taking Ivy to Nicole Miller was a great way to get her excited for her date with David. When a woman feels comfortable with how she looks, she will feel more self-confident. It always makes for a better first date, because nothing is sexier to a man than a confident woman. But remember, ladies, sexy yet classy is always the way to go. He won't put in the work to see you naked if you show up to the date that way!