Lori Zaslow

Lori Zaslow thinks Quinn needs to give Meg another chance.

on Jul 31, 2012

On this week's show I met with Quinn. My first impression was that he’s stiff, nervous, stuck in his head, but very handsome, together and intelligent. During our visual impression meeting I saw a different side of Quinn -- lustier with quite high visual standards. Possibly more of his wall? Or maybe with degrees from Stanford, MIT, and Harvard he is accustomed to everything being the best. This unexpected passion made me think of a great gal for him. Meg is spontaneous, very clever, sexy, and will hopefully be the Lois Lane he needs to release the inner Superman from his Clark Kent exterior.

As I always say, dating is a game and love is a process. Hence, so is my service (www.projectsoulmate.com). It takes time and experience to get through the protective layers of a person down to their core. We are all scared to look like a fool, be rejected, or lose. With each date's feedback, I see who is really under the skin's surface and often what they are looking for (before they even realize it).