Chris March

Buckle up, it's going to be a fiercely fashion-filled ride.

on Oct 4, 2011

Well, here we are. All settled in, the captain (Andy Cohen) has turned on the "fasten your seatbelt" sign, and we are ready for takeoff. Tuesday October 4th at 10pm marks the premiere flight of my new reality show, Mad Fashion.

On this flight, we make a fantasy outfit for over-the-top (yes, I said it) shoe designer Ruthie Davis. Her clients include Beyonce, Fergie, and Lady Gaga. So we've worked with some of the same crowd. Ruthie was as sweet as she could be, and a great sport to boot.

We didn't exactly know what we were doing the whole time (it being our first show and all), but she just went with it. We shopped in six-degree weather (yikes!) and made her fabulous outfit in the middle of a New York snowstorm. We chopped up shoes, sawed some aluminum, sliced some glittered canvas, chewed through some leather, and glued $1000-plus pairs of shoes together to make the extremely extreme get-up that Ruthie dons to unveil her new shoe collection.