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Fit for a Queen

Episode 4:'s Assistant Editor loves how quickly Vanessa's attitude turned around when they whipped out the tiara.


This week the Simmons sisters were on the scene, and they brought their little friend along with them. No, not Diggy (Run's House reference!), but Barbie. Angela and Vanessa have their own "So in Style" Barbie line, and they both need Barbie-inspired dresses. Who better to doll them up than Chris March?

The dresses were divvied up between Alex, who took on Vanessa's classic diva dream dress, and Christine, who jumped at the chance to craft Angela's "psychedelic party girl" gown. While Christine was inordinately tickled about sewing what looked like approximately five hundred petticoats for Angela's skirt, the look of pure joy on her face as she tried on all the potential tiaras for Vanessa easily trumped that. mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-104

Much like Chris I was a little, um, perplexed as to what Matt was thinking when he delivered this design for the giant sneaker purses. A rather suggestive silhouette, no?Barbie really struck a chord with Izzy, who got, dare we say, a little too into playing with the Barbies. When you're steam straightening her hair and using her tiny little doll hands to help you brush an actual wig, it might be time to put down the Barbie. mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-104

As one might expect, there was definitely a little jealousy on both sides. First Vanessa was bummed that Angela's dress was so colorful compared to her classy little black dress. But she quickly changed her tune once she realized she got to wear an awesome tiara. And once Angela saw said tiara, let's just say her dress changed from pink to green real fast.mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-104

I loved the wigs, since they added a real Barbie doll flair to the looks, but alas, the girls weren't feeling them (especially Angela). mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-104

In the end, the Simmons sisters made a splash with their opposite-end-of-the-spectrum dresses. I wonder which one Rev Run preferred?

Haute Dog

Chris explains the difficulties of working with dogs.

I guess it had to happen again eventually -- making an outfit for a dog. In this case, a small dog named Ralphie, whose owner, Maria Sansone, wanted  to steal Best in Show at this year's Paws for Style charity event in NYC. Paws for Style is a pet fashion show for celebs and their pets, and it is usually a night of fun (and eccentric personalities), as even the most sensible people seem to go crazy over their dogs (see: Christine). Don't get me wrong, I have fun too -- it's just that dogs are tough clients, and they usually don't want to wear wacky clothing, unless they have been trained to since puppyhood.

We came up with the ultimate ‘50s housewife look for Maria, as she has a collection of vintage aprons and just loves the fantasy of June Cleaver domestic perfection. I came up with the idea of her "shopping" cart so that Ralphie would not be tempted to run away, and so he could stay close to his mommy. The actual procurement of the cart, however, was more difficult than we thought. Leave it to Matt James not to return empty-handed, even if he had to buy a shopping cart off of a Manhattan "street resident." A creative, if squalid, way to solve a problem. A couple of hours later, with the help of an outraged Jake and a few gallons of bleach – voila -- a perfect shopping cart for $60. Only in New York. Here was my chance to create the ultimate fit and flare dress for a dream housewife, complete with blonde bubble-flip hairdo and ruffled apron. Oh, and don't forget the pearls! 

We went for it, leaving out no detail, including Christine sewing 100 yards of blue trim on to the edge of a pink petticoat for sheer perfection. We dressed Ralphie as a super cute loaf of bread ("Wonder Dog"), and  Maria was thrilled with the result, which was a Mad Men/Mad Fashion collision of vintage meets fabulous! With the wig, she hesitated a little until we redid it to be slightly smaller and more perky...head to toe she looked like a perfectly frosted cake. You could just hear that perky ‘50s music playing in the background.At the event, she and Ralphie stole the show, as no one else even came close to our elaborate and clever fashioning of her look. She was over the moon excited, and got more attention than she could handle! That's my specialty I guess, making an impression that no one will ever forget, and that makes the wearer addicted to attention so they can't wait to do it again. It's such a fabulous feeling, who wouldn't keep coming back for more?

See you soon,