March Madness

Episode 9:'s Assistant Editor thinks Izzy and Alex need to make a boob-themed musical.

Nov 29, 20110

This week Chris' cups ranneth over as he had to create a bra-tastic ensemble for Jene Luciani, author of The Bra Book. Luckily she was game for some of Chris' Mad Fashion and let him run wild with brasseries. Two hundred brasseries to be exact. Which means four hundred individual cups in need of pink spray paint and bedazzling. Let's just say it was a real handful for Christine and Jake (haha boob jokes!).


Thx xtra footage BOOBtastic. Mad Fashion is my favorite show( ; Izzy reminded me of Bette's 'over the shoulder boulder holder" song. I can't wait for the musical. I wish the show was an hour. Thx again.