Ben DiChiara

Ben gets back on track after a tough week.

on Feb 1, 2008


The beginning of this week started off kind of in a bad way. First, Aryn didn't come back from the panel like I thought she should've. Then I called my wife and she wasn't feeling well and I think the separation is starting to hit more, and finally at the end of the first day, I had to pose nude, in front of more people than I have ever wanted to be naked in front of.

I see how it is involved with modeling. It was outside of my comfort zone but I got over it and just dropped my robe. I took that night to clear my head from what had happened that day so I wouldn't be affected for the rest of the week.

That next day we pulled up to our photo shoot location which was a nice mansion just north of Manhattan. We go in and meet with Nikki and she tells us how today is all about art and we are all pieces of a puzzle that need to fit together. Next we are introduced to Russ our photographer. He explained that if he wasn't feeling like he wanted them to, then he would pull them from the shoot. So, he divided it into guys and girls.