Ben DiChiara

Ben likes some things... but not being in the bottom 3.

on Feb 21, 2008


Well Ronnie and Frankie came back from the eliminations. I wish Steph. Well in whatever she does. We wanted to hear what we were doing that day and we didn't find out until Cory called us downstairs. Anthony from Cutler was with him and everyone but Frankie and Ronnie got a trim. The next day we show up at the old airfield for our photo shoot.

We saw Niki and Bill standing in front of a tank of water. It was pretty obvious that we'd be in there and then Niki gets our partner for the shoot. She comes back from behind the tank with Lemon, a seven foot boa. I thought it would be an extremely easy shoot considering I like snakes and water. Well I thought wrong. I was to focused on trying to get every little thing right and over analyzed things instead of just doing it and relaxing. In the end I disappointed myself and Bill, Bill came and spoke with us at the end of the day and I was placed in the bottom three. I was really upset because I didn't do well and I had a bad shoot.

Finally catwalk elimination day was upon us. I was excited because I felt like this was my chance to get out of the bottom 3. Niki greeted us and had a box in front of hter. We thought it was an animal but instead she pulled our a headdress. I felt great because I've been working on my walk. Shortly before we go on they, tell us its too easy, so they bring in a small farm!