Chris reflects on the first challenge.

Mar 2, 2009

Well, I am finally back in NYC and ready to throw myself, head first, into this exciting opportunity. I just can’t wait to get started already.

The first part of the show we worked on was the casting special. That was where the final models were selected to move forward and of course I was one of them. It was a great experience because it was our first taste of filming and also one of the first chances to see all the other potential competition.

I was sitting up in the studio going through each model in my head and deciding whether or not they would make it into the house. On the guys' side, I definitely had a unique look from everyone else which I feel will help me move forward. I would think the competition would gravitate towards someone with a unique look and not someone who looks like anyone else.

Out of all the guys there, the only one I really thought to look out for was Gabriel. I feel like he could be the biggest competition for me because we have a similar style. I think we are the only two guys who dress a little more forward and have a Euro look about us, but we’ll see what happens.

The first thing we did upon entering the studio was go into a room where Tyson was waiting for us. I guess Niki Taylor will not be working on this season, which was really disappointing. But after meeting Tyson we were then put to the test by performing our runway walks not only for Tyson but for a panel of judges. It was slightly intimidating at first but I was confident in my walk and I think that came through to them on the runway. I did not receive any negative feedback on my walks alone. I think the only thing they said was “that’s it” or “good” or something like that which was a huge relief to me.